We are all in the businesses of improving ourselves. We try to eat cleaner, get more exercise, watch our spending. All things that we know are important for us in the pursuit of leading a good life.

Faced with the challenges of today’s fast paced life, I discovered meditation.

It wasn’t long after I embarked on this journey of self-discovery that I began to feel the positive impacts it was having on me. I saw vast improvements in my athletic performance, my cognitive function (I am diagnosed ADHD), in my relationships, my creativity and in many other facets of my life.

The results were great and the trade off was a no-brainer. Meditation is free, can be done anywhere, anytime, and requires only the presence of one’s self. The benefits are boundless, impacting everything from cardiovascular to mental health, improving memory, regulating the stress response, reducing anxiety, improving sleep, while also boosting emotional health and awareness.

After verifying that the benefits have been robustly researched, are authentic, and no bull - I still was unable to gain their full advantage. The main issue for me was my inconsistency with my meditations. Things that are free do not usually inspire our full commitment. That is how the earliest forms of ‘The Mindful Ledger’ came to be. I wanted to make myself accountable by incorporating mindful engagement into my practice. This engagement required me to log the amount of time I spent meditating each day as well as to reflect on my meditations by writing down personal enlightenments. I quickly noticed that this act of engagement not only kept me committed and consistent, but also enhanced the whole experience by allowing me to see for myself how the benefits were measuring up.


This process enabled the following;

  • Tally up monthly total times
  • Generate a streak 
  • Record body positions
  • Rank how a session went (This allows to pin point your 'best' sessions and try to understand what made them 'better'.)
  • Write down any observations or relevant notes that came to mind about each session. (These are personal and can consists of a broad range of feelings and thoughts, but are meaningful and revelational in nature.)


Over time, it was clear that this act of accountability through a simple two-minute practice of engagement was yielding the results I was originally seeking.

I was now able to measure my progress and see how the accumulative minutes, hours and days were having an impact. 

From building consistency, to enabling you to make discoveries, 'The Mindful Ledger' is a companion to your meditation practice in helping to enrich your overall experience and enhance your journey of enlightenment.